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How to check your points:
   1) Click on Adult, Junior, or Trainer
   2) Find your name and if you do not see points under a show that you attended...
   3) Click on the division that you are interested in
   4) Find the show that you attended
   5) Click on ANY number indicating points under the show that you attended
   6) The division sheet will appear (is your name spelled wrong? Are you incorrectly listed Ad, Jr, Tr?, other?)

If you find an error email us info-at-DCareaHSA- dot-com (use an @ & a .)

Specifically tell us:
   1) Show
   2) Date
   3) Division
   4) Misspellings: give us misspelling & correct spelling
   5) Error: If the placings are incorrect, you must contact the show that you attended and have them give us the SPECIFIC correction
   6) For all other errors, please be a specific as possible

Click Below for Year to date DCAHSA Member Point Totals
Please note: member trainers only accumulate points from member riders.
Trainers may compete in VHSA eligible divisions for prizes, however those points DO NOT go toward trainer totals.

Points by Division

Points by Group

DC Area HSA members are highlighted in YELLOW in the result tables.
ONLY members can receive awards.
Any discrepancies not reported by November 2nd, are not guaranteed to be corrected.

Contact information: 540-955-6219 or email: info - at - dcareahsa - dot - com ( please use @ and .)

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