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Please list all of the horses and ponies that you may ride in the box below.
If the mount is NOT owned by you, please also list the owner after mount's name. (separate with comma)
You may enter up to five mounts and owners, please hit carriage return after each horse/owner entry.
This information will be used for spelling references, so please use the information as it is recorded with VHSA, if applicable.
These entries do not restrict you from riding horses not listed.

DC Area Horse Show Association rules and information:
1. All shows operate under VHSA rules and requirements. The DC Area HSA requires all participating shows
to be VHSA Associate shows.
2. Shows are required to post their results within two weeks of show date(s).
3. DCAreaHSA is not responsible for errors resulting from inaccurate information submitted by participating
shows. It is the rider’s responsibility to check each show’s recorded information for accuracy. Any errors
should be brought to the attention of and corrected by the individual show’s manager.
4. The DC Area HSA will not accept information or recordings that are not accepted by VHSA.
Report any errors in VHSA point recordings to the VHSA and notify the DCAreaHSA as well.
5. Riders may change their registered trainer during the year, but may have only one trainer per show. The trainer the
show is started with prevails. Trainers’ points cannot be reassigned. Trainers may be required to show proof of their professional
relationship with a rider at any given show.
6. $15 membership includes banquet for “showing members only”.

I have read and understand the above Rules and Information.

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